Stayfree Challenge(Stayfree Ultra Thin Pads, with (Termocontrol) technology and a flexible-fit design, offer a unique combination of thin and flexible layers that move with your body throughout the day. Inspired by high performance athletic fabrics, Stayfree Ultra Thin pads help keep you dry with exceptional protection and comfort. (from #Stayfree Challenge Guide)

One bottle of 5ml blue saline liquid was added to centre of the stayfree pad. Then the Acetate sheet was placed on top of the blotting sheet.

Pressing down two books for five seconds on top of the stayfree pad.

Same steps for the other pad I use, on the right.


    End Results: The Stayfree Ultra Thin pad did not have any leakage where as the other pad did bleed through.


    I don't want to have leakage while out in shopping, going to appointments and while do my daily workouts.

es. It would be so uncomfortable with leakage; this challenge has convinced me to buy Stayfree Ultra Thin Pads.